KaTron provides virtual prototyping services and turn-key solutions to be used during design and engineering to allow engineers to work and interact with objects and mechanisms in a virtual space without having to think about the systems’ underlying technical information.

Virtual prototyping enables complex three-dimensional data to become more perceptible and usable, enhancing the user’s understanding as an important computer aided engineering (CAE) decision support tool.  Through virtual prototyping engineers can take hold of virtual components, do alterations and see how the parts will interact with each other, without risking any real world consequences and material damages.  Coupled with an appropriate expert (e.g., a design engineer, a plant engineer, or a construction manager), virtual prototyping can reduce design time for better solutions and minimize design risks and thus design and engineering costs are reduced.

KaTron with its talented engineers is also adept at designing and delivering turn-key virtual prototyping environments like Virtual Reality Centers, by fully integrating a suite of COTS hardware systems like projectors, special displays, image blending systems and audio systems with KaTron’s real-time 3D visualization software solutions.