KaTron’s DBtron™ is a next-generation Simulation Debrief and After Action Review software that provides a complete modular solution for all kinds of simulator applications. DBtron™ debriefs the following items of a recorded simulator exercise or a recorded simulation run:

DBtron™ Document
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  • Tactical Displays
  • Analog Cockpit Displays
  • Approach Patterns (Jeppesen Charts)
  • 2D Flight Plots
  • 3D Stealth View
  • Video Channels Playback
  • Audio Channels Playback

DBtron™ Features

  • Multi Platform
  • Works on Windows and Linux
  • Ready to be compiled on other platforms
  • Multi Monitor Support
  • Can be configured to run on any number of displays arranged in any shape
  • Multi Speed Playback
  • All records can be played at 0.5x – 16x speeds with all visuals in sync
  • Tactical Display
  • Displays the entities participated in the recorded exercise on a 2D map
  • Supports DIS or HLA records (HLA 1.3 or 1516)
  • The underlying map can be DTED, FLT or any vector height map
  • Raster maps can be overlayed on top of the height map
  • Supports various coordinate systems including Geodetic, Geocentric and UTM
  • Supports various datums and includes the coordinate transformation algorithms
  • Event Viewer
  • All recorded events including automatically configured or manually entered malfunctions, limit exceedings or messages are displayed on the event viewer window
  • DBtron™ can display various MFD displays of rotary and fixed wing aircraft with submodes
  • Jeppesen charts can be imported to DBtron™ and entity positions with histories are plotted on charts
  • Any data recorded by any data recorder can be used to visualize the flight plots
  • Captured and encoded video and audio are displayed in synchronization with other recorded data
  • 3D Stealth View
  • With the 3D models of the terrain and entities in OpenFlight format, all the recorded entities can be displayed on the 3D Stealth View
  • The entity information can be read from HLA or DIS records
  • 3D Flight Controllers
  • 3D cockpit of the vehicle is displayed and flight controllers are set in motion using the recorded data
  • Any kind of cockpit can be visualized with high resolution imagery
  • Requires MAK RTI and MAK Data Logger Event Viewer