KaTron’s TERRAtron™ is a next-generation Terrain Simulation Server software that provides terrain database services for all kinds of simulation applications. TERRAtron™ processes very large scale gridded elevation data and enables real-time queries on these data.

TERRAtron™ is the perfect solution for applications requiring real-time terrain analysis/information like sensor, communication and navigation simulaton.

TERRAtron™ processes terrain databases based on industry standard formats like OpenFlight and NIMA DTED and converts these to a triangular grid format without any loss of precision.

This enables optimized terrain loading and multiple simultaneous real-time terrain query operations

TERRAtron™ Features

  • Client – Server, Multi-Platform Architecture
  • HLA Interface
  • TCP/IP, IDP Interface
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Real-time Calculations and Queries
  • Height of Terrain
  • Height above Terrain
  • Surface Normal
  • Line of Sight
  • Point of Intersection – POI on terrain between two points
  • Point of Intersection – POI on terrain on circle with given radius
  • Slant Range
  • MIN/MAX Points between two points on line
  • MIN/MAX Points on circle with given radius
  • Air Distance of two points on terrain
  • Projected Distance of two points on terrain
  • Depth of Sea
  • Coast Line

TERRAtron™ Document
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