The mission of KaTron is to provide and create the leading edge simulation products and services, in the shortest time frame, developing and implementing the highest available technologies to fully satisfy its customers’ visualization, simulation and training needs helping them reach excellent real world performances through virtual world practices. The target markets of KaTron are defense, aerospace, aviation, transportation and automotive companies, as well as the military forces of the region.  KaTron’s methods are designed to lower the cost and the complexity of creating and delivering robust solutions and to work together to realize the creative and commercial objectives.

KaTron is unique in its field with its software development and systems integration capabilities in COTS simulation software development and simulator production. KaTron offers solutions in a wide variety of simulation applications, ranging from driving simulators, rail vehicle simulators, flight simulators and marine simulators to virtual maintenance trainers and tactical war gaming systems.

KaTron has assembled an internationally proven and highly experienced management team that possesses a unique blend of skills and experience in the areas of Simulation, Virtual Reality, Defense and Aerospace Technologies.

KaTron can help work through the business solution that you need, whether brainstorming ideas, refining business models or advising on the most cost effective route to market.  KaTron is a one stop shop for all your needs but that’s only half the formula for fully realizing your extraordinary potential. The other half of the formula is experienced management, fresh ideas, forward-thinking partnerships, the discipline to execute in an increasingly complex environment and above all a company that you can trust.