A Trusted Simulation Expert for Your Industry

With our portfolio of industry related products, KaTron is focused on delivering simulation software solutions, flight debriefing software, tactical simulation solutions, virtual maintenance trainers and simulators ranging from desktop to full-mission systems with motion platforms. Whether implementing real world events in a repeatable, controllable and harmless environment, enabling a realistic operation analysis and reporting, or instructing an equipment operator or a vehicle driver through a cost-effective and risk-free training platform, the combination of KaTron products enables organizations with proven simulation and training solutions to improve personnel qualifications, to comply with world-wide training and certification standards, and to increase vocational skills and subject matter expertise within a variety of industries.

Industry Best Practices Drive Success and Deliver Results

We believe KaTron’s success depends entirely on the success of our customers. Our executives and employees are unmatched in knowledge, and skilled in developing, implementing and supporting high-end virtual reality, simulation, training and visualization solutions in each industry that we serve. From large defense and aerospace contractors to regional military forces and transportation authorities, KaTron increases credibility and competitiveness by delivering industry-specific standards and best practices to meet your simulation and training needs. We measure our industry success solely by the results of the simulation and training solutions that we deliver.

Learn How Our Simulation Solutions Work in Your Industry

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