Delivering State-of-the-Art Solutions to Simulate, Train, Visualize and Analyze High-Value Assets

KaTron provides innovative turn-key solutions for simulation, training, visualization, and analysis for various industries and institutions in the region. Many organizations and companies trust KaTron solutions to increase productivity, improve service quality, lower operation costs, and deliver better service.

KaTron offers world-class simulation and training solutions to optimize training for complex operations, assets and situations, and additionally, to ensure the necessary quality assurance for operations and services. Whether implementing real world events in a repeatable, controllable and harmless environment, enabling a realistic operation analysis and reporting, or instructing an equipment operator or a vehicle driver through a cost-effective and a risk-free training platform, the simulation and training solutions from KaTron improve personnel qualifications, increase vocational skills, expand subject matter expertise and enable a variety of institutions to acquire world-wide training and certification standards.

Utilizing the combination of its products and services, KaTron provides complete systems which enable excellent real world performances through virtual world practices without risking human life, without harming the social and ecological environment, and without any trial and exercise limitations. With our simulation and simulator products, customers benefit by increasing productivity of its personnel, lowering operational costs, minimizing operational risks and improving safety and security throughout their operations, tasks and missions.

The synergetic integration of KaTron’s COTS simulator software products and simulator technologies provide robust end-to-end solutions for complex simulation, training and visualization needs for defense, military, aviation, aerospace, maritime and transportation industries.

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