Teknofest Istanbul was held in Istanbul New Airport on September 20-23, in line with the Yeni National technology move Tekn targets

Turkey’s first aviation, space and technology festival Teknofest having the characteristics of Istanbul, was held in Istanbul New Airport on September 20 to 23 dates.

“Teknofest, Istanbul Aviation, Space and Technology Festival” held at Istanbul New Airport became the stopover point for thousands of visitors and KaTron Defense took place at Teknofest by exhibiting Driver Training Simulator product at IETT Stand.

KaTron Defense Driver Training Simulator at IETT booth in Teknofest met with great interest.

In Teknofest, Mayor of IMM visited İETT stand.

Teknofest İstanbul 2018 Images

Turkey’s first aviation, aerospace and technology festival Teknofest Istanbul, Turkey Team Technologies (T3 Foundation) and was organized by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

Teknofest Istanbul was organized at the new Istanbul Airport to be opened on October 29th to develop young people who will discover the smart products of the future such as aviation, space technologies, software and robotic coding.

With the motto of national technology, where the fastest vehicles of the world are competing, Teknofest, which was made to raise awareness and raise awareness about aviation, space and technology in children and youth, took place with the participation of thousands of visitors. Turkey’s first aviation, aerospace and technology festival Teknofest in 12 categories in the technology race, military and civilian exhibitors stands, air control tower in front established on the main stage, performances and competitions throughout the day, offered many the opportunity to experience next to inform the visitors on exhibitors stands . various technological activities and events on the stands of the leading companies of Turkey was founded.

President Erdoğan came to the field with F-16 fighter planes

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Teknofest for Twitter invited all the people of Istanbul 3. Airport, came as a surprise came. National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar accompanied F 16 fighter jets on the ATA aircraft carrying President Erdogan. Erdogan’s plane and F-16s greeted the citizens by flying low over the festival area. First F 16’s, then President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s plane landed at the new airport. President Erdoğan descended from the plane with his pilot jumpsuit and was followed with enthusiasm by the enthusiastic crowd.

Addressing the participants here, President Erdoğan stressed the need for young people to pursue their dreams and called for scientists abroad. In his speech, President Erdoğan said, leniy I appeal to our scientists everywhere.

750 teams and over two thousand contestants met in Teknofest

In the scope of Teknofest, it was announced that young participants are aiming to develop and produce their own technology projects with technological competitions organized in 12 different categories. A total of 750 teams and over two thousand contestants participated in the Festival Technology competitions. As part of the festival, Turkish and foreign performers of Turkish and foreign stars presented aviation performances. Also a large number of private aircraft with different sizes and tasks were exhibited in the festival area. Technology workshops and educational workshops were organized for visitors, including 3D printers. National technologies were monitored by virtual reality application. Turkish Aviation and Space Industry has been working on the virtual reality application for a while, has presented the use of visitors to the festival. Aircraft and helicopters, which the company produced and carried out development works, offered the opportunity to be examined closely.